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Robin Wright's killer cut explained

Robin Wright's hairstylist Paul Norton thinks her "acting skills are so epic" that it doesn't matter what colour her hair is.

The hit political series, which co-stars Kevin Spacey, has become an awards show favourite scooping a Golden Globe and SAG this year to add to its burgeoning collection of accolades.

As well as the slick storylines, it has also launched Robin as a style icon. Her choppy blonde haircut is a particular favourite with fans.

"Robin's cut is the perfect balance of sophistication and edge. Once House of Cards became a reality, it then turned into the Claire Underwood cut with minor tweaks both to cut and colour," her stylist Paul Norton told The Hollywood Reporter's Pret-a-Reporter. "The untrained eye would not see this, but since the sides are basically chopped off it allows the top part to lay nicer since there is less bulk.

"[Robin]'s character shows strength like that often attributed to masculinity, which is why her short hair needs to maintain femininity by its asymmetry and flirtiness in the bang area."

As a celebrity stylist Paul is used to his clients changing their hair cut and colour at the drop of a hat. He doesn't care what shade Robin dyes her locks though, as her acting skills always shine through.

"Sometimes schedule-wise my clients have to change the colour of their hair, and you can't always change them back as fast as you would like, so I personally like when they make it work for the show and don't jeopardize the hair in any way.

"No matter what colour Robin's hair is, her acting skills are so epic, and she pulls you in leaving you no time to ponder why her hair is a different colour," he gushed.

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