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Rod and Kimberly Stewart's gym wars

Kimberly Stewart likes working out in 85 degree heat.

Kimberly, 35, takes pride in her appearance, which means regular exercise sessions. She has developed her own routine though, and it doesn't go down well with her rocker dad.

"I work out like a crazy person. My favourite workout is Tracy Anderson's. I do it in the gym with the heat on - 85 degrees," she told British magazine Hello! "Your pour sweat and it's amazing. My dad thinks I'm crazy, he put a lock on the heat panel in the gym so I couldn't get into it. So I went and bought nine portable heaters, but they short-circuited the power. It was like gym wars."

When it comes to fashion, Kimberly is more chilled than she used to be. She has a four-year-old daughter called Delilah and so whatever she wears has to fit in with her hectic lifestyle.

"Nowadays I have to be comfortable. I don't want to be running around in high heels with Delilah. I love vintage and dressing up is fun, but in the morning I throw on my gym kit, brush my teeth then roll out of the door," she said.

One thing the star is big on is scarves, which is why she has come up with her own range. She has collaborated with Jess Morris of label Rockins on the line, which has a rock 'n' roll vibe and was in part inspired by Rod.

"Dad always wore skinny scarves in the 1970s and he made them look so cool. Today he showed up in flannel shorts and one of my skinny scarves and he still looked good," Kimberly said.

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