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Rod Stewart: Designer brands are overrated

Rod Stewart loves finding gorgeous clothes for a discount price.

Rod Stewart hasn’t shopped at a Dolce & Gabbana boutique “for donkey’s years” because he doesn’t feel the need to spend a huge amount of money on clothes.

The 70-year-old music legend, who is father to eight children, has a purported net worth of $220 million, but you won’t see him spending his fortune on loads of expensive outfits.

“I love Zara,” he told Q magazine. “I went into the one in Rio in Brazil and bought four pairs of trousers, three shirts and couple of jackets - 220 bucks.

“There’s nothing wrong with the high street at all. I haven’t been into Dolce & Gabbana for donkey’s years.”

Rod cannot seem to pass his love of thriftiness on to his children, however.

During the same Brazilian shopping trip, his offspring couldn’t help but walk into a high-end boutique.

"My son, he goes down to Ralph Lauren and buys a pair of shoes for 600 bucks,” Rod recalled. “I say, ‘Go to Zara! What’s wrong with you?’ I’ve got a load of Topman stuff, too.”

Rod’s 36-year-old daughter Kimberly Stewart, who is a model, has also argued with her dad in the past on matters of physical upkeep.

She remembers being literally barred from exercise because Rod disagreed with her fitness methods.

"I work out like a crazy person,” she told British magazine Hello! “My favourite workout is Tracy Anderson's. I do it in the gym with the heat on - 85 degrees.

"Your pour sweat and it's amazing. My dad thinks I'm crazy, he put a lock on the heat panel in the gym so I couldn't get into it. So I went and bought nine portable heaters, but they short-circuited the power. It was like gym wars."

But she and father Rod are sometimes in agreement on matters of style.

Kimberly collaborated with Jess Morris of label Rockins on a line of scarves, which has a rock 'n' roll vibe and was in part inspired by Rod.

"Dad always wore skinny scarves in the 1970s and he made them look so cool,” she said. “Today he showed up in flannel shorts and one of my skinny scarves and he still looked good."

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