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Romola Garai: I'm too big for fashion

Romola Garai says hitting the red carpet is a challenge as she is "too big" for designer dresses.

The actress has revealed the wardrobe dilemma she faces when she has a premiere to attend. The Atonement star believes Hollywood dictates actresses should conform to a super skinny size, which is reinforced by the fashion houses that create the show-stopping wardrobes.

"[I'm] too big for designer dresses," Romola revealed to British magazine Look.

"There's no way I could ring up [a designer] and say: 'do you have it in a ten?' Because press samples are a small size eight. If you want the profile you have to lose the weight."

The 30-year-old suffered from body dysmorphic disorder at the start of her career. Romola says she used to worry about her size, but now realises fretting won't get her anywhere.

"My weight was a big issue when I started [acting]," Romola continued.

"I was then - and am now - a very normal size ten. But that's not acceptable. It's partly because fashion, film and television have become so independent. Actresses do fashion ad campaigns, so there's no distinction between them and models."

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