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Rosamund Pike: People thought I was a boy

Rosamund Pike was often mistaken for a boy as a child.

The British actress is renowned for her angelic features and natural beauty, but the star insists her looks weren't always appreciated.

Rosamund has revealed that her sex was confused as a baby, because she wasn't that cute.

"I was probably an intelligent, interested child who was not pretty, but was probably quite funny looking and often mistaken for a boy," she explained in Sunday Times Style magazine.

"My mother would be asked what 'his' name was, even when I was over one."

Rosamund came into her own in her mid-teens. The 32-year-old star started to notice her beauty when she began to date boys.

"I wasn't aware of myself as feminine till much older, maybe 16. I remember being at the National Youth Theatre, standing at the top of the stars waiting for a date, and him saying, 'Hi sexy.' I did the clichéd thing of looking over my shoulder," she smiled.

"It was liberating. I don't think many girls can grow up like that now. It was a freedom from pressure. There were always other girls who were the pretty ones. I had an innocence. It was only when somebody first labelled me beautiful that I got any insecurities. As long as there was no pressure to be pretty, I was totally free."

Rosamund is modest when it comes to her ethereal beauty. The star says she can appreciate the compliments more now though.

"I can see a person in pictures who's... Or a friend will take a photograph of me. It can be really nice," she said.

Rosamund takes a healthy approach to her diet too. The blonde beauty isn't afraid of showing off her eating habits in the glare of the public eye.

"I am able to eat in public, which I know a lot of women have a problem with. They'll wait the whole evening, then go home and eat a bowl of cereal. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a pleb," she laughed.

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