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Rosario Dawson: I kept hair secret

Rosario Dawson was surprised that people didn't notice her shaved head sooner.

The actress revealed partly-shorn locks in June. She actually had the edgy style cut in last year, and was surprised that no one realised sooner.

“Everyone says it’s going to grow out really badly, but I’ve had it since October and most people haven’t even noticed it,” Rosario told PEOPLE. “A little bit past this [length], it’s almost unnoticeable. I just [sweep it to the side] and it looks like I’ve put it over my ear or something.”

Rosario managed to cover up her new style by keeping her tresses long and flowing on the opposite side. Although the drastic hairstyle was for her role in Sin City 2, Rosario has now taken to it. Speaking at the opening of New York City venue the Watermark bar, the 34-year-old explained it has come into its own over summer as it’s one less thing to worry about.

“I’m from New York but I’ve realised how long it’s been since I’ve been here because my face wasn’t acclimated,” she said. “I had bad skin all of a sudden! I had to get exfoliator and all this stuff… I was like ‘What happened?!’”

Rosario previously revealed that she's grown so accustomed to a shorter style she may have a drastic overhaul in the future.

“I’m thinking about going bald at some point,” she told the US version of OK! online. “I have a couple friends who have done that, and the thing about women and their hair is we’re supposed to be very attached to our hair for our beauty, and I know a lot of women who are bald that are gorgeous.”

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