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Rosario Dawson: I'd go bald

Rosario Dawson is hoping she'll look as "gorgeous" as her friends if she goes bald.

The 34-year-old actress stepped out this week showing off her edgy locks - with one side of her head shaved, while keeping the other side of her tresses long and flowing.

Rosario - who revealed the cut was done in November thanks to Sin City 2 - likes the sheared part of the look so much, she's pondering a drastic new hairstyle.

“I’m thinking about going bald at some point,” she told the US version of OK! online. “I have a couple friends who have done that, and the thing about women and their hair is we’re supposed to be very attached to our hair for our beauty, and I know a lot of women who are bald that are gorgeous.”

Rosario says her inspiration comes from someone very close to home, explaining she has faith that she too can pull off the look.

The brunette beauty thinks she'll feel liberated by shaving off the whole of her hair.

“My mom looked amazing when she had her Mohawk. She was bald, and she looked incredible, so I feel slightly confident that if I have her head shape, I’ll be alright," she laughed in the interview.

“I think it will be fun. It feels good. Even people I know who have gotten cancer, one of the things they’ve been able to say is that instead of fighting it, just really go with it, and revel in going, ‘I can feel a part of my body that I was never able to feel before.’”

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