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Rose Byrne: Clothes define me

Rose Byrne sees getting dressed each day as a modern way of putting on armour.

The 35-year-old actress has a lot of fun with clothes and it's always been that way. She has certainly regretted some of the things she's worn over the years, such as crochet tops, but she always enjoys experimenting with new looks. That doesn't mean she puts too much value in her wardrobe though.

"I think it's a valiant effort getting dressed every morning, whoever you are. You're putting on your armour to face the day," she told British magazine InStyle. "Part of the reason I like style is because it's so telling of a person, and, as an actress, I've found clothes can be a useful way to get into the headspace of a character. Of course, no one's ever going to find happiness in a department store, but feeling good on the outside can sometimes make you feel a bit better on the inside."

Rose hails from Australia but has spent a lot of time in New York City and London, UK, too. She enjoys travelling as it's fun to see the looks people go for around the world, with the star initially surprised that New York style wasn't as edgy as she'd seen in the UK.

The actress also gets tips from the people around her, including her famous friends.

"I'm lucky enough to have some stylish friends who I can look to for inspiration," she said. "I always love what Diane Kruger wears on the red carpet, and Zoë Kravitz pulls off things I never could. Zoë has that cool, rock 'n' roll thing going on, the sort of look you can't really force."

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