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Rose Byrne: Make-up is a must for me

Rose Byrne finds it unfair that women have to put more effort into their looks then men.

The Australian actress is considered a classic beauty with her neat features and perfectly styled eyebrows, often rocking ladylike make-up in the spotlight.

For Violet Grey's Beauty Test the star is given a dramatic makeover with bold eyeliner, nude lips and long lashes as she speaks about her own beauty regime.

"Well, goodness me. Growing up, my mum never wore a lot of make-up, she was very natural. However, it’s important to take care of yourself and it doesn’t hurt to put on a bit of lipstick," she smiled. "I discovered I was allergic to all these chemicals and we put together a very strict bible of all the products I could use. I actually wear make-up every day. I use a NARS tinted moisturiser. I love those Fresh lip stains. I wear them religiously. They are terrific in a berry colour. I try to put on a hat if I can."

Skincare is another priority of Rose's as from a young age she was warned about the sun while growing up Down Under. She doesn't force her opinions on other people though, as she admits her boyfriend - actor Bobby Cannavale - has amazing skin despite smoking and rarely drinking water.

On the topic of pressure in the spotlight, Rose thinks women are scrutinised a lot more on their looks than men, whatever their profession.

"Look at [US politician] Hillary Clinton. She has to spend time getting her hair and make-up done whereas a male candidate doesn’t have to do that as much," Rose noted. "Or at least as much grooming. It really is this very old concept that we are valued for putting ourselves together and presenting ourselves."

In her opinion, beauty comes from "within", though it can be hard to remember that mantra when a woman's looks are the centre of attention in the movie industry.

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