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Rose McGowan happy to be back in heels

Rose McGowan only swaps heels for boots if she's injured her foot.

The former Charmed actress loves to look glamorous on the red carpet, which always involves a sky-scraping pair of shoes.

Recently, she suffered a minor injury and was forced to wear less ladylike footwear.

Luckily, she can now slip right back into her Jimmy Choos.

"Today is my first day not wearing a boot. I broke my toes when my boyfriend picked me up to give me a kiss, and he let me go unexpectedly," she laughed to Redbook magazine.

"It's my third boot in four years. Before, I ran into a wall. Another time, I hit a doorframe. Usually I'm moving too quickly. My body's still doing the last thing and I'm onto the next thing. I've shut my head in the car door. It's really embarrassing and it hurts."

The 39-year-old cuts a great figure at events and most recently wore a form-fitting red dress at a Harper's Bazaar party.

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Rose would never sacrifice delicious dishes to stay slim.

"I cook only pastas and cakes, so it's pretty much exclusively carbs if you're coming to my house," she revealed.

"I grew up in Italy eating pasta - I probably eat it four to five times a week. I don't like canned sauce, and the key to mine is putting in a balance of red wine and sugar. I also love aglio e olio, garlic and olive oil, really simple. Pasta and a glass of wine is the best thing ever."

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