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Rose McGowan: Stilettos break toes

Rose McGowan's heels have caused her a broken toe.

The 38-year-old actress frequently wears towering stilettos to accompany her outfits. After traipsing around New York City from show to show during this month's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Rose is beginning to think that her impractical shoes may be doing some damage to her feet.

"I believe I now have a hairline fracture in my baby toe," Rose told People magazine prior to designer Chris Benz's runway show.

"Heels," she said of the cause. "I collapsed three days, about 14 to 15 hours of heels per day."

A broken toe will not deter Rose from joining in the splendour of New York Fashion Week.

The stunning star has treated her fashion injury in order to partake in the prestigious style event.

"All I did was bind my toes together with extra Band-Aids and a quarter of a popsicle stick," Rose explained.

Even after all the pain her shoes have caused her, Rose will not swap her stilettos with any other pair. When suggested that she choose a more flat style for the rest of her Fashion Week appearances, Rose scoffed at the thought.

"Yeah that's not going to happen," she laughed.

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