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RPatz talks crazy Dior colleagues

Robert Pattinson found it "super fun" to work on the ad for Dior Homme.

The British heartthrob is the face of the fashion house's Dior Homme fragrance and stars in a sensual black and white video advert for it.

Speaking about his time on set, Robert was surprised at how laid back everyone was with their approach to filming.

"It was super fun - I really liked making it and I made some good friends. It wasn't actually that different," he explained to when asked how working on a campaign differs from a film. "It's a really cool company to work with. I think I am doing another one with them. I was surprised how easy it was, but they're a different company - they're all kind of crazy at Dior. They just let you do anything in a suit. I was literally just messing around for three days. It was kind of amazing!"

The video was helmed by Greek French director Romain Gavras and has Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love playing throughout. It follows Robert and model Camille Rowe as they gate crash a party, walk along a beach and get close in a bed among other things.

With Robert being a fan of Romain, the director's involvement was not by accident.

"Weirdly I wanted to work with Romain Gavras for ages, and he never answered the phone to me for like, two years trying to get in contact with him," Robert recalled. "And then the Dior thing came up and I never really considered doing an ad because I always thought people would judge you for it, and for some reason I was like, 'Oh...'

"I remember meeting the Dior people, they were really cool and were like, 'Who were you thinking for a director?' and I was like, 'What about Romain Gavras?' I thought that was a good way to get him on the phone and it did!"

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