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Ruby Rose’s lipstick obsession

Actress Ruby Rose keeps her make-up kit stocked with over 100 different lipstick colours.

Ruby Rose keeps her make-up kit stocked with a lipstick colour for every possible occasion.

The Australian model and actress is known for her edgy style and strikingly androgynous looks, which have garnered her many high-profile gigs and beauty campaigns. And since signing on as the face of Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick range, Ruby has become more interested in experimenting with the colours she wears on a day-to-day basis.

"I used to have ten lipsticks: one for a sporty day, one for lunch with girlfriends, one for DJing... I wasn't thinking outside the box," she told Britain’s Glamour magazine. "Now I have 100! It's like The Hunger Games inside my box - all fighting to be my colour for the day. I love (Urban Decay’s) Trick and Pandemonium."

The Orange Is the New Black star otherwise keeps her beauty regime pretty straightforward, using Urban Decay’s Brow Beater to comb and tint her eyebrows, as well as splashing out on La Mer’s The Renewal Oil for use as a moisturiser. Ruby, 30, finds that using hydrating products also has an added benefit of making her many colourful tattoos “really pop”.

When she’s not working, Ruby maintains her lithe figure through venturing out into the great outdoors, and doing a variety of challenging activities, including skateboarding and cycling. But for Ruby, the key to optimal wellbeing is all about being able to strike a balance between work and other activities.

"I drink a lot of water and I don't drink or smoke, to keep my wellbeing optimum, I do my own stunts, I skateboard, BMX, surf..." she listed.

"I'd like my life to be 50 per cent feeling beautiful and wearing amazing outfits on the red carpet; 50 per cent being active in crazy films, or surfing and skateboarding, so I just get up and go."

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