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Rumer Willis: I really dig androgynous styling

Rumer Willis decides on her outfit for the day depending on what haircut she has.

Rumer Willis describes her style as “feminine tomboy”.

The 27-year-old actress regularly mixes things up when it comes to her outfit choices for red carpet events.

But Rumer has been opting for a more androgynous style of late, as she prefers dressing slightly more masculine on occasion.

“Recently, I’ve really been into suits,” she told the New York Post. “I love the Kooples, and I’m really digging that whole androgynous, woman-in-a-suit thing. I’m always looking for something different, not necessarily what’s trendy. I’m the most feminine tomboy you’ve ever met.”

Fashion isn’t the only thing Rumer likes to experiment with. She also has fun with her hair and mixes up both the colour and the length.

But when it comes to her tresses, Rumer admits the style she goes for entirely influences the way she dresses.

“What I wear depends on my haircut,” she added. “I don’t even notice it, but if I have longer hair I definitely dress more girly.”

With Demi Moore as her mother, Rumer has her fair share of stunning clothes to borrow. But the actress just can’t get enough of sleepwear.

“I’m obsessed with lingerie and pajamas,” she said. “I’d love to do a store that I curate that has pretty much all of my favourite things: blankets, really cozy bed sheets, pillows, all of that.

“I love being comfortable — I have a collection of like 20 onesies. My friends joke around with me because I’m known for, like, my pillows, my mattress and my sheets.

“My bed game is very strong!”

Rumer is currently being kept busy thanks to her role as Roxie Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago.

The energetic show certainly keeps Rumer on her toes, and enables the lithe star to maintain her slim figure.

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