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Sally Hawkins wants relaxed Oscars gown

Sally Hawkins says dressing for the Oscars is all an "illusion".

The British actress is attending the prestigious event in Hollywood on Sunday, where her role in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine is nominated for the Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role award.

For the red carpet Sally admits she would rather wear a more relaxed option than an elaborate gown.

"I'm not a model, and don't want to be. But it's fun. You have to be a bit tongue-in-cheek with it. You've got to feel comfortable in what you're wearing," she explained to British magazine TimeOut.

"I'd love to do the Oscars in Topshop vintage, my way. But I'm not allowed. And it's all an illusion. The dresses - mine, anyway - have to be sent back at midnight, like Cinderella."

When the nominations were announced last month, it was Sally's older brother who first congratulated her.

"I'd just flown home from the Golden Globes, so the suitcases are still lining the hallway. I tripped over everything, phone flying," she recalled.

"My flat has poor phone reception, so it kept cutting out. I couldn't hear what was happening. My brother was the first to text. He was watching at work online. Very sweet."

Her character in the film, Ginger, has a unique wardrobe. One item which Sally became attached to while shooting the feature was a yellow Fendi bag, which she believes summed up her alter ego perfectly.

"Ginger is attracted to the sparkly and the bling and loves colour. I loved that scene with the Fendi bag. It felt right that it would be bright yellow and covered in crystals. And even though it's Fendi, it's - dare I say - hideous," she previously laughed to The Wall Street Journal.

"For Ginger, it's the best thing she's ever seen. I love her innocence. For her, everything is, 'Wow!' If it's sparkly, it's good. I loved her style. It was very particular to her and obviously hideous to Jasmine."

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