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Salma Hayek: Botox is brutal!

Salma Hayek has warned women not to forget to moisturise the back of their necks.

The 48-year-old actress has huge reservations about the skin-smoothing injections, which is why she has never had them. She won't entirely rule them out, but has suggested ladies get them when they are far too young and don't think about the consequences.

"Have I done it? No, still no. And I’m going to tell you why: It’s just logic. When you exercise, do you notice a difference in your skin and the muscle tone? [Yes.] Because oxygenation and circulation helps immediately rejuvenate your body when you exercise," she told "If you kill the muscle, if you paralyse it and your face is not moving, this is going to affect all the other [muscles] around it. So maybe do [Botox], but wait as long as you can because you’re going to age faster with it. You’re going to look better [in the short term], but you have to do more and more and more, and the whole face is going to start falling apart!"

That said, Salma believes there is a "new wonder" in the world of anti-ageing that hasn't been discovered yet.

While she waits for scientists to make that breakthrough, the star does what she can to hold back the hands of time. That means moisturising properly, even in areas many other women probably don't think about.

"Let me tell you something. If you just put anti-ageing creams on your face and this skin [points to the back of her neck] starts giving up on you, it’s going to show in front," she said. "So the back of your neck is an important place that everyone forgets about."

The star also suggests facial massages as a great way to keep your skin supple. She has a massage therapist she relies on to help her, and she can regularly be found making clicking sounds with her tongue as part of the routine.

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