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Salma Hayek: 'I'm lazy with beauty maintenance'

Salma Hayek is happy to let her eight-year-old daughter Valentina do her make-up.

Actress Salma Hayek has a bad habit for wine, cocktails and not exercising.

The 49-year-old is known for her curvaceous figure as much as her movie work which includes Frida and Dogma, but despite her enviable physique, Salma admits she lacks motivation to keep in shape.

"I have the bad habit of not exercising and not eating healthy food," she confessed to the British edition of Glamour magazine. "I have the bad habit of liking wine and cocktails. I'm sometimes lazy with the maintenance. Altogether it's a lot of work."

While Salma has a slightly lax approach to fitness and diet, she is much more regimented when it comes to her beauty routine. The Oscar nominee regularly walks the red carpet wearing glamorous gowns and a face full of make-up, but she always makes sure to remove every trace of cosmetics when she gets home.

"No matter how bad my habits are I always take my make-up off before bed," she continued. "Even if I'm exhausted or sick I take it off. I don't pluck my eyebrows for 90 percent of the year but one thing I always do is take my make-up off."

Salma has the privilege of working with some of the best make-up artists in the world but she added to the outlet that she isn't afraid to let her eight-year-old daughter Valentina have a go at making her look beautiful.

"She is so good with make-up," she smiled. "So, so good that I have an assistant that sometimes asks her to do her make-up before she goes out. She's done my make-up and she's really, really good! I have the opportunity to work with great make-up artists and she's watching them like a hawk."

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