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Salma Hayek: I've never had a peel

Salma Hayek believes women should respond to their beauty moods.

The 47-year-old is known for her gorgeous looks and voluptuous figure but hasn't done anything to enhance her features. In fact, Salma has avoided even the simplest of beauty treatments.

"I have never gotten something done just because it was a trend or the next ‘biggest wonder', she told NewBeauty magazine. "I tend to stay away from aggressive things. I’ve never even had a peel or microdermabrasion."

Salma's go-with-the-flow attitude seems to apply to all aspects of her beauty regime. So much so that the Frida star encourages women never to get irritated with their bodies, just adapt on a daily basis. "Our skin is moody, our hair is moody, we are moody," she said. "Don’t be frustrated by it. Listen to it, look after it, but, when it’s not behaving how you want, be prepared for it to happen and don’t do anything too drastic. So many people make beauty decisions in a panic."

Salma's views on beauty have been passed down through her family. The Oscar-nominated actress revealed she looks to her grandmother when choosing the right approach to life.

"I have my grandmother to thank. She is my inspiration and she taught me many things," she explained. "She was both an alchemist and a magician and someone with a great imagination - and that’s where I get a lot of my beauty secrets from."

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