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Salma Hayek: Keep it simple

Salma Hayek has learned to be more "playful with colour" from watching her daughter Valentina.

It was Mother's Day in America yesterday and the 47-year-old actress celebrated her own mom Diana Jiménez Medina as well as being a parent to daughter Valentina.

From spending time with both females Salma has managed to figure out her own style and approach to beauty.

"My mother taught me these three magical words: don't overdo it. I stay consistent with the basics and stay away from aggressive ingredients. And Valentina challenges me to be more playful with colour," she smiled to "She is obsessed with colour on her fingernails and will wear a different shade on each nail. While I won't go that far and prefer a more natural look, it can be fun to experiment with new shades that are out of my ordinary palette."

Fellow star Emma Roberts also shared advice she has received from female relatives with the website. The 23-year-old actress learnt a valuable tip to help her feel more confident in her appearance while growing up.

"Something I've picked up from the women in my family is to always brush your eyebrows up and not overpluck them," she explained. "When I was younger, I was really insecure about having big eyebrows, and as I got older, I let them grow in. Now I love thick eyebrows. I always tell my little sister, 'Do not wax underneath your eyebrows, just brush them up and wax the middle,' which is what I do. There's nothing prettier than a strong brow on a woman."

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o revealed her mother, Dorothy, had a unique approach to keeping her complexion clear.

"The best beauty trick my mother taught me was to use garlic on zits - it dries them out," she smiled. "You want to do it at night so you don't walk around smelling like garlic all day... nobody would want to be your friend."

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