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Sam Barks: Boxing burns off energy

Samantha Barks tries to get to the gym four or five times a week.

The petite actress amazed moviegoers with her tiny waist when she appeared as Éponine in Les Misérables.

Even now that the film is over, the 23-year-old star cuts a tiny figure on the red carpet.

It's partially down to her love of exercise, which she tries to carry out as often as her hectic schedule permits.

"I love yoga and boxing," she smiled to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"Boxing is fun and great for burning off extra energy and yoga is good for the mind. I try to exercise four or five times a week."

She might make sure that she works out, but the gorgeous brunette doesn't compromise when it comes to desserts.

Rather than saying no to tasty treats, Samantha tries to put her own spin on her favourite sweet snacks.

"No, I love cooking," she exclaimed when asked if she's strict with her diet.

"I love doing stir fries in my Airfryer and putting a healthy twist on desserts. I trick my nieces into eating cupcakes with courgettes in them; they make a really light, moist sponge. I've got such a sweet tooth so I never turn down desserts. I try and channel [British food writer] Mary Berry, she's a rock star in the cake world. If I'm out for dinner, I love Pizza Express and free Nando's for life would be a dream because there are so many vegetarian options - and bottomless frozen yoghurt!"

Samantha added that she keeps almonds in her clutch bag for an energy boost at events and that her perfect hangover cure involves coconut water and bananas.

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