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Sam Claflin: 'I'm no Zac Efron'

Sam Claflin would rather have a pint and a burger with his friends than exercise.

Actor Sam Claflin could never maintain a buff body like Zac Efron does as he "despises" the gym.

The British star has won over fans with both his performance skills in movies like The Riot Club and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and his chiselled good looks. But despite his heartthrob status, Sam has the same body hangups as anyone else, especially when he compares himself to other young actors.

"I constantly worry about how I look because I think the standards among other actors is so high," the 29-year-old sighed to Red magazine. "Take Zac Efron, for example. He's about my age, we were both nominated for best shirtless scene (at the MTV Movie Awards) and I'd vote for him! He keeps that up all the time. That's one hell of a life choice. I couldn't do it. I despise the gym. I'll do it for work if I need to, but if I don't need to then I'd rather have a pint or burger with my mates."

Sam doesn't just feel wary for himself - there's his wife Laura Haddock, who gave birth to their son last December (15), to think about too. As she is also an actor, her post-baby figure is often commented on by the media - something which Sam has noticed impacts her.

"I do (feel protective), and I think she's probably more paranoid about it than she needs to be," he sighed. "No one should be expected to 'snap back into shape' but I don't think she has anything to worry about. Laura looks amazing, she is amazing."

For Sam's upcoming movie Me Before You, he had to get into workout mode and was following a 500-calorie-a-day-diet to play Will Traynor, a wealthy young banker who has been left paralysed after a serious accident. Working out three times a day, the star admits he "drove himself into the ground" for the role.

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