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Samantha Morton: Oscars T-shirt was a necessity

British star Samantha Morton says she's never been considered a beauty when it comes to acting parts.

British actress Samantha Morton wore a T-shirt to the 2000 Oscars because her breast milk was leaking.

The 38-year-old star, who has twice been nominated for a golden statue, has never fitted into the typical Hollywood mould. From the roles she picks to wearing flip flops to visit Buckingham Palace, Samantha has always done things her own way. When she arrived at the 72nd Academy Awards 15 years ago, she was hailed a style hero for wearing a Sex Pistols T-shirt. While she lost out to Angelina Jolie for the best supporting actress award, the night lives on in people's memories.

“(I'd just had my daughter Esme) and my milk was leaking. So I thought, ‘F**k it. Pull on the T-shirt'," she recalled to The Edit. "I’d wear it today if it made me feel strong."

That's not to say she doesn't care about fashion. For The Edit shoot the star wows in designs by Gucci and Diane von Furstenberg, and her red carpet wardrobe choices can be equally as glamorous. Samantha's dipped her toes into the world of high end designs many times, and has never felt held back by her looks.

“We need to clothe ourselves to face the world, right?" she mused. "Whether it’s psychic protection, or what you want to say to your peers. Here’s how we shout, ‘This is who I am!’

"Luckily for me, I was never considered a beauty. So I never carved out a career as the girlfriend, (which means) I still get the good parts, where you can go to the darkness.”

Next up is TV series The Last Panthers, opposite John Hurt. Samantha plays Naomi, and had to quickly toughen up for the role. She started shooting not long after her son was born, but that didn't stop her from throwing herself in.

"After Teddy was born, in discussions about the part of Naomi, they said, ‘But she’s a soldier...’ So, while breastfeeding, I trained to be a marine," she smiled.

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