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Sarah Burton: McQueen team are close

Sarah Burton says the Alexander McQueen team is "like family".

Sarah joined the legendary British label in 1997 as personal assistant to designer Lee 'Alexander' McQueen.

Following his death in February 2010, Sarah was named creative director of the brand. She is very proud of the work she and her devoted team have accomplished.

"Every day, I love what I do and I think it's a gift and privilege to love your job. The McQueen team is like family," she told British publication The Guardian.

"We are so passionate about what we do and it's so important that we have established a couture-standard atelier in Britain."

Sarah is renowned for creating the stunning wedding dress Britain's now Duchess of Cambridge wore when she married Prince William in April. The gorgeous corsetry and lace appliqué which showcased the duchess's tiny frame was celebrated worldwide.

"It's been an amazing year," Sarah conceded with a smile.

She is honoured to be part of the label. She fondly remembers working with Lee and is still inspired by his huge talent.

"He was a visionary, an incredible man and I feel very lucky to be able to carry on his name - people have been incredibly supportive," she explained. "The huge audience at the Metropolitan exhibition really did show how many people his work had touched, and from all walks of life."

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