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Sarah Jessica Parker admires UK style

Sarah Jessica Parker thinks British fashion is "really interesting".

The American actress is famed for her love of style and is admired the world over for her stunning wardrobe choices.

Sarah is in awe of British women who dress in a very "inspiring" way. The gorgeous star says she loves picking out eclectic fashion while she's visiting cities, including London.

"The UK has a lot of interesting women, everyone from Vivienne Westwood to Kate Moss - and a lot of women in between, including the new Duchess," she told British television show Lorraine.

"I see a lot of people on the streets that I don't know and will never know, but I think they look really interesting. And that is the beauty of a city - you see a lot of people who are very inspiring. I love British women's style."

Sarah is regularly hailed as a style icon. The 46-year-old star has rubbished such claims, but says that she felt a princess in her Sarah Burton-designed wedding gown above all else.

"I don't know about style icon, but I am so pleased with Sarah Burton's success. That was the greatest wedding dress of all time and I won't hear anything to the contrary," she gushed.

"It was the most perfect moment in my life, in a long time."

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