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Sarah Jessica Parker: The boardroom was made for bold colours

Sarah Jessica Parker thinks women should wear bold colours in the boardroom.

Sarah Jessica Parker says her biggest design challenge has been convincing women that colourful shoes belong in the office.

The actress made a name for herself as Carrie Bradshaw in TV show Sex and the City, with countless women lusting after her character's incredible wardrobe. Now she's turned into a real-life fashionista with her own shoe range. But while she's the perfect person for the job, there have been challenges along the way.

"Persuading women that colourful shoes have a place in the business world!" she admitted to Germany's Cosmopolitan magazine when asked what her toughest obstacle so far has been. "In this sense, they are still very traditional, opting for black or brown shoes. But competent women don't prove themselves with muted colours. If your boss should comment that purple shoes, for example, aren't appropriate, a woman can respond with: 'Well, you didn't hire me for my shoes, rather for my sharp mind - and that's telling me purple is a wonderful colour!'"

While Sarah clearly has an eye for sassy style, she doesn't try to impose her advice on others. Instead, she lets everyone make their own decisions.

"It's not my job to tell any woman what she should or should not do. I just never enter into those conversations. Because what I think is a necessity could be completely, radically contrary to what you describe as a must have. So I never give advice," she explained to Popsugar.

"That's why this whole thing of like, what's important for spring, what's the right shoe to feel powerful, is a bunch of malarkey... There are a million different women and they're all different sizes and shapes and ethnic backgrounds and colours and they have different needs and different desires and different fantasies."

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