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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Food bridges gaps

Sarah Michelle Gellar is hoping to launch a culinary-crafting empire through her new lifestyle brand Foodstirs.

The 38-year-old actress is currently promoting her new brand Foodstirs, a culinary lifestyle company with an emphasis on fun DIY food projects.

Mother-of-two Sarah, who co-founded the business with fellow matriarchs Galit Laibow and Gia Russo, is attempting to make cooking fun again.

“Our whole idea is to bridge the gap between inspiration and execution,” she explained to People magazine, noting preparing food in the kitchen sparks brain cells. “There’s really a great connection you only truly get when you unplug for a bit. And you realise cooking is so much more than just cooking — [it’s learning] math skills, language skills, motor skills, life skills and it’s confidence building because kids start to believe they can accomplish this stuff. The pride and confidence I see in my daughter [five-year-old, Charlotte] when she’s baking with me, is exciting.”

Foodstirs offers special food crafting kits, baking mixes and frostings that are entirely free of GMOs, artificial colours or flavourings.

Sarah and her business partners were prompted to make the food as natural as possible in an attempt to trump competition.

“We went to the supermarket to get a mix and were really surprised that there was no better-for-you baking option,” she recalled. “I thought baking included butter, sugar and water and I couldn’t even pronounce half the ingredients in these mixes. So, we did some research and made our own from scratch.”

Sarah shares her two children with 39-year-old husband Freddie Prinze Jr., who attended culinary school in the past and is releasing his cookbook Back to the Kitchen in early 2016.

The former Buffy and the Vampire Slayer star claims Foodstirs will branch out into creating kitchen tools for kids and “ultimately have DIY crafting stores”. Sarah is also going to release a book in early 2017 through Hachette Book Group, a tome which is meant to be “a comprehensive, fun and inspiring guide to the art of food crafting from concept to execution”.

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