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ScarJo: Nail art is neat

Scarlett Johansson doesn't like having her nails tended by a manicurist.

The 30-year-old actress likes to do her own thing when it comes to her style, which includes her fingertips. While some believe the trend for highly-decorated nails is over, Scarlett hasn't got the memo.

"I adore nail stamps. They are such a fun tool, and my girlfriend and I are obsessed with perfecting our DIY nail art," she laughed to British magazine InStyle.

Often ladies don't like applying their own polish at home because it can smudge and look messy. It's the other way around for Scarlett, who dislikes having anyone else tending to her tips.

"I'm usually too impatient to sit for a manicure - plus, I find it sort of relaxing to do my own nails when I can find the time," she explained. "One of the best things about living in New York is that the drugstore is open 24/7. I can easily spend $50 on nail products if I'm walking home from dinner and pass a [US pharmacy chain] Duane Reade."

Although she enjoys mixing things up with her varnish, Scarlett isn't big on experimenting in other areas. She isn't one to blindly follow fashion and beauty trends, preferring to feel comfortable and confident when she's on the red carpet. That means she chooses what she knows suits her frame, even if it isn't the latest look.

"I like to give a nod to the golden age of Hollywood. It always seems appropriate on the red carpet. I don't care about being shocking or fashion-forward at events. I'd rather feel comfortable and own my look. That, to me, is glamorous," she said.

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