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Scherzinger: I love myself!

Nicole Scherzinger is free from the "chains" of negative body image.

The stunning singer is considered one of the hottest women in the industry and has just recorded a raunchy music video to go with her latest single Your Love.

She's admitted to struggling with an eating disorder in the past but has now gotten to a point where she can leave any negativity about her body image behind.

"I had a lot of people helping me. I had doctors who put me on medication because they didn't know how they could help me psychologically. It's a mental illness," she opened up to the latest edition of British Cosmopolitan magazine.

"I worked on myself a lot. Once you're free from the chains of it, it's liberating because you waste so much of your energy putting yourself down. Hating yourself and saying, 'I'm not enough.' It really does consume your whole life.

"You get your life back when you let go. Us chicks are so hard on ourselves, we're always comparing ourselves but you gotta put your energy somewhere that feels good. And now I just flipping love myself!"

Nicole, 35, first opened up about her experience on a documentary and admits it was hard to do. However, she realised she would be helping many out by sharing her story.

"I can empathise so much with people who have demons and voices in their heads, who aren't nice to themselves," she said.

"It robs you of living your life. But you can recover and you can get rid of it forever."

She added that she doesn't want others to feel like they have to battle the disease alone.

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