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Scherzinger: I'm traumatized by hairy past

Nicole Scherzinger was banned from shaving her legs when she was growing up.

The 36-year-old singer has one of the most enviable figures in the business, but as a youngster she suffered with body hair. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but the star was banned from taking steps to de-fuzz.

"Oh God, I don't know," she told British magazine Heat, when asked the longest she'd ever gone without shaving her legs. "I guess if you see them looking hairy, you shave them. You're not like, 'Yeah I'm going to hold out as long as I can and wait to shave my legs.' Erm, maybe a week or something. All I know is I'm traumatised, because my mom would never let me shave my legs. She was very strict till a later age, and I was very hairy growing up, so everyone made fun of me for having hairy legs."

Nicole has been open about suffering from bulimia in the past and now wants to empower women about their looks. That's why she doesn't like it when people remark that she always looks flawless.

"If you look online, where I'm not glamorous, don't have make-up on and I don't know the paps are taking pictures... nobody's perfect. We gotta work on this," she said.

The star is also open about how much effort she puts into staying in shape. She doesn't deny herself the food she likes, but exercises a lot to look her best. That means twice-daily workouts, comprising spinning, hiking and running.

"I trained a month in advance [for the Your Love video]," she explained of her latest song, which sees her on the beach in the promo. "I wanted to be fit and strong. Toned, lean and mean. I go through fluctuations, just like every woman. You gotta work for that bikini body, honey! Gotta do them squats, get that cardio in! Gotta sweat it out."

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