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Scherzinger seeks style advice from pals

Nicole Scherzinger trusts her pals when it comes to style advice.

The 35-year-old star is known for her amazing red carpet choices and has even designed a line for online sore Missguided.

When it comes to picking an outfit for the next big night out, she knows just who to turn to.

"You know who tests out my clothes the most? My girlfriends," she revealed to British magazine OK!

"I'll do a full-on fashion show and they'll give me advice. The only people girls really dress up for are their girlfriends."

Nicole has admitted to struggling with an eating disorder in the past, but is now happy with the way she looks. The star thinks it's partly down to her age.

"You're just not as hard on yourself; when you're younger you're so critical," she said.

"We're always comparing ourselves as girls. But as you get older you learn to accept yourself more - you embrace the uniqueness, imperfections and differences. That comes with experience, and life, and learning to love yourself. Your confidence will shine through. That's the best thing about growing into yourself as a woman."

Nicole has really upped her fitness regime recently and is currently working out twice a day, five days a week. The way it makes her look and feel is keeping her going.

"It's not an addiction, but it's a natural high," she explained. "Your endorphins are going and you crave it, your body misses it.

"It's like anything you're used to doing in repetition. If you're used to eating a lot of chocolate, your body will crave a lot of chocolate. It's natural."

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