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Scherzinger: Sleep is essential

Nicole Scherzinger thinks the key to looking beautiful is "dewy" skin.

The singer always looks gorgeous on the red carpet with her luscious brunette locks and glowing skin.

Her secret to beauty success is simple - getting the right amount of shut-eye every night.

"When you're on the go, throw on some good old shades and a hat," she advised British OK! magazine.

"I didn't realise how valuable sleep was until I got older. I love very fresh dewy skin, too. Even when you're tired, add some moisturiser or illuminator to your foundation and it makes your skin glowy. And whatever's on my lips, I put it on the top of the apples of my cheeks - like a cream blush - and it looks like you're glowing. I use these Bliss eye patches that are really good. They tingle. Also, a lot of it honestly is your attitude, your outlook on life, your perspective and your spirit."

Nicole, 35, is the face of haircare brand Herbal Essences thanks to her amazingly glossy locks.

For one of her stints as a judge on The X Factor UK, the star pinned up her hair to make it look as though she had cut it into a bob.

However, she'd never actually go for a short style.

"No! It's in my contract, I'm not allowed to!" she laughed.

"I call it the Schbob. I told Ben [Cooke, hairstylist] that I looked like the First Lady - Barbara Bush! I loved it. I said, 'Let's really make it look like we've cut it all off, just for fun.'"

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