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Scherzinger: Summer workouts are more intense

Nicole Scherzinger "steps things up a gear" when it gets near summer.

The singer is known for her incredibly fit body and recently posted a bikini shot on Instagram, which proved how hard she's been hitting the gym.

Exercise is part of her workload, so that helps the 36-year-old keep her regime constant.

"It's pretty much consistent throughout the whole year but I think I take it up a gear in the summer because obviously it's my job to work on my body," she explained to British magazine new!

"Being fit and healthy has been a part of my whole life, like jogging and running. It's been a part of my regime and I think because I'm involved in the arts, my body is my temple and it's important for me to keep in shape and keep my body strong."

Nicole is very into hot yoga and has been going daily for a month and a half. However, she was never any good at team sports as a child and also struggled to surf when she recently visited her native Hawaii.

"You need a lot of core strength and regular strength," she said of the water-based activity. "It takes a lot just to paddle out with your arms. I love it though."

To complement her exercise regime, Nicole tries to eat healthily. However, the singer can't resist a cheat day and occasionally tucks into helpings of Mexican food and pizza, as she loves cheese so much.

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