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Scherzinger's crazy gym antics

Nicole Scherzinger thinks people would “crack up” if they watched her during a workout.

The singer has an incredible figure, which she works hard to maintain with regular exercise. While fans might think she looks as good on the treadmill as she does in her music videos, the 36-year-old laughs that that is far from the truth.

“People at my hotel must be cracking up!” she grinned on British talk show Lorraine.

“They think it’s glamorous, but you see me in the gym and I look crazy; I’m all sweating, huffing and puffing and turning red. You have to work hard to get results!”

Nicole recently spoke candidly about a tough time in her life, when she suffered an eating disorder. She’s now fit and healthy, but thinks it’s important to address her past.

“I didn’t give up. I have a very strong faith and an amazing family. Nobody’s perfect, people would look at me and I’d think, ‘You don’t know half the story, you have no idea.’ I had the courage to speak out because I realised I could help other people,” she explained.

“Everybody gets in that dark headspace and you have to fight back. I threw myself back into my music, stuff that builds my confidence.”

Looking at her now, no one would guess Nicole had faced these struggles. She’s in a great place and has been busy promoting new single Your Love.

She thinks everyone can get to a place where they feel happy with themselves.

“It’s just balance. I know it’s hard, we have all these moms out there with kids, and I know it’s hard, but try to take a little bit of time for yourself,” she advised.

“Make sure you’re sleeping, eating a balance… I don’t really believe in a lot of these diets; once you take away something you’re gonna want to binge on something else. Try not to eat late at night, get a bit of exercise when you can…”

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