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Schilling: Natural look takes effort

Taylor Schilling shares the surprising make up secrets from Orange Is the New Black.

The 29-year-old stars in the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black as a bisexual woman jailed for 15 months in a women's federal prison. Being set in a prison means the women can't look glam, but Taylor has revealed that there is still a lot of make-up involved in making them all look bare faced.

"We put on make-up, but the crazy thing is we have an incredible team who make everyone look like they're not wearing any," she explained to British magazine Look. "I joke that I come to work and take my make-up off, but in reality they do such cool stuff to make us so perfectly messed up."

As well as starring in the show, Taylor has appeared on the big screen in Academy Award winning movie Argo, and as the love interest to Zac Efron in the romantic drama The Lucky One. But with Orange is The New Black, Taylor loves that her make-up doesn't dictate how she has to perform.

"I feel like it can be just about the story and the scene, and I can feel totally uninhibited," she explained. "I don't feel like I need to be beautiful, there are no expectations."

The other benefit to being seen mostly without make-up is that Taylor can really enjoy the times when she does get to be glam. It also means that when she is all made up, people don't always recognise her.

"It's one of those things where people recognise me more in my gym clothes than when I'm dressed up," she laughed.

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