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Schumer's stylist: Amy suffers wardrobe doubts

Amy Schumer's stylist has spoken about how the star approaches getting dressed.

The comedian-and-actress has become something of a champion for everyday women since making it in Hollywood. She isn't super slim or overweight, and yet she's joked that she is seen as large in an industry obsessed with size 0. Although Amy is confident, her stylist Leesa Evans has admitted she has periods of self doubt.

"We had a hilarious chat about how she had gone out to exercise and someone caught a photo of her buying a cup of coffee and a scone. And so she asked me, sort of joking but sort of serious, 'Should I not be out in the world with exercise clothes?' I'm like 'Of course you should be out,'" Leesa told "[It's] not like that's your normal wardrobe or not what you wear every day. And it was sort of a sweet moment when [I realised] she's not accustomed to people paying so much attention to her necessarily and finding a way that's comfortable and authentic."

Amy soon got over the situation though, choosing to post the image on her Instagram account so all her fans could see it.

Leesa has worked on a string of major movies, among them Bridesmaids and the upcoming Zoolander 2. What she loves about teaming up with Amy is how honest she is - there is no embarrassment when something doesn't make her feel that good.

"She feels confident sometimes with a three quarter sleeve and then sometimes she feels great in a sleeveless thing," the stylist explained.

"I think a lot of it is about proportion and what I love about her is exactly what you're saying. She's comfortable saying 'I don't think I'd look great in that' or she's comfortable saying 'I feel great in this.'"

These days Leesa is pretty clued up on the sort of thing Amy wants to wear to major events. She understands comfort is paramount for the star, and also that she has to love what she's wearing. If Amy says she merely likes something which is offered, the pair scrap it and try again.

"I think she's helping people in a lot of ways, you know, like make a stance for what makes them feel good and be OK about laughing at the things that maybe didn't fit great," Leesa explained.

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