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Sebastian Stan blown away by fashion designers' 'artistry'

Sebastian Stan feels more educated on fashion after witnessing the effort designers put into their creations.

Actor Sebastian Stan appreciates fashion more having watched designers get creative on the catwalk.

The Captain America star shows off his style credentials in a photoshoot for America's GQ Style magazine, smouldering in pieces like a camel-coloured Burberry cardigan and a shiny blue Dolce & Gabbana jacket. Thanks to his star status, Sebastian has broadened his horizons when it comes to his dress sense, and is happy to soak up new presentations whenever he can.

"Sometimes, being involved with fashion, it can give ideas to different things. It’s like a movie in itself. It’s just a different way to think about it," he explained, noting the similarities between the fashion community and his acting career.

"I was just at the Public School show a few days ago. I loved the whole thing, from the venue, the music, the theme, the overall feelings, the lighting - it was a whole performance. I’ve gotten an education on Fashion Week, and I can appreciate it a lot more now, when you see a designer really putting a show together. It is artistry, and these guys have a creative voice. Every detail counts; it’s amazing."

One of the reasons Sebastian, 33, looks so good in designer gear could well be because of his honed physique, which he has showed off in the three Captain America flicks. The handsome star loves to completely transform into his on-screen alter egos, particularly 'Bucky' Barnes/Winter Soldier in the Marvel movies, as he thinks it makes his performances more convincing. Plus it helps that he enjoys being athletic, praising exercise for making him feel good.

"When it comes to characters, Jack Nicholson says let the wardrobe do the work," he pointed out. "What you’re wearing, you are presenting to the room. What you’re wearing, how you’re behaving, it tells people so much about who you are. The wardrobe informs the character so much. So in Civil War and the Marvel movies, growing my hair out - and, yes, I was not wearing a wig; I grew my hair out and added extensions to it - I love that."

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