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Selena Gomez: I still have bad hair days

Former Disney star Selena Gomez has days when she won't leave the house unless she's wearing a hat.

Singer-and-actress Selena Gomez relies on friends to perk her up when she's having a bad hair day.

The 23-year-old beauty isn't immune to moments of self doubt despite hit albums and films to her name, and a gig as haircare range Pantene's brand ambassador. When she wakes up feeling less than amazing, she calls upon her loved ones to help her realise her beauty.

"When I go to an event and don't know anyone I get really nervous," she admitted to Germany's Bravo magazine. "And of course I have days when I wake up, look in the mirror and think: 'Uh oh, you are only leaving the house today if you wear a hat!' At times like that there's nothing better than kind words from friends. I've learnt only to listen to people who want the best for me."

Selena was unveiled as Pantene's spokesmodel in June (15) and shows off her glossy locks in commercials for the brand. She might largely have her locks under control these days, but the stunning brunette confesses there was a time when she wasn't so clued-up on haircare.

"My biggest hair mistake is when I was younger and I was figuring out how to use a flat-iron," she previously admitted to ET. "I used to think that just because visually I could see that this hair was straight that the back didn't necessarily have to be straight, so for the entire sixth grade I only straightened the front of my hair. That wasn't really my proudest moment."

When she's hit with bad hair days now, Selena relies on scrunchies, which she hails as her favourite accessory. Despite being a little "old school" she thinks the '90s hairbands are really "cute".

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