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Selena Gomez's 'easy' MTV hair explained

The edgy French braid Selena Gomez wore for the MTV Movie Awards can be recreated in just six steps.

The singer-and-actress stole the show with her edgy take on a French braid at the glitzy event in Los Angeles on Sunday. Selena graced the red carpet in a dazzling gold Julien Macdonald mini-dress, covered in lace and gold fringing. Although her dress was stunning, it was her hair that grabbed plenty of attention.

Selena added a unique twist to the trend for plaits by putting her long dark mane into a high bouffant with a twisted side braid.

Leading hair extension specialists at Paul’s Hair World insist the look can be recreated in just six steps.

“If you’re lucky enough to have very long hair, this style will be pretty easy to complete. If not, we recommend using clip in hair extensions to get the necessary length to complete the French braid, also adding thickness to the style,” Paul’s Hair World explains.

Step two sees the hair on the crown of the head backcombed to create a small bouffant, before it is pinned into place. Using a backcombing brush makes it quick and easy to get height and body.

In step three, just smooth the hair and create six small pony tails down the centre of the head. Step four can be tricky, so it is worth asking a friend to help as you need to create a French braid using all the pony tails.

“Step five: to get Selena's tousled look, gently pull the braid apart slightly, and pin to the smooth area of your hair to ensure the ponytails are completely covered. Use the back comb brush to carefully backcomb the French braid to add to the messy look,” the hair company adds.

The final step simply involves using extra hold hairspray to prevent any flyaway hairs from escaping and to keep the braid in place.

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