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Selena Gomez's semi-straight hair

Selena Gomez has opened up about her biggest hair faux pas.

The 23-year-old singer is known for her flawless appearance these days, including her smooth brunette locks. They're so in-demand they've landed her a role as the face of Pantene, something Selena wouldn't have believed was possible when she was growing up.

"My biggest hair mistake is when I was younger and I was figuring out how to use a flat-iron," she admitted to ET. "I used to think that just because visually I could see that this hair was straight that the back didn't necessarily have to be straight, so for the entire sixth grade I only straightened the front of my hair. That wasn't really my proudest moment."

Luckily the star has realised the error of her ways and now makes sure she checks herself from all angles before she leaves the house. That said, she hasn't left all of her past style choices behind. In fact there is one retro accessory which Selena is obsessing over at the moment.

"My favourite hair accessory is a scrunchie," she enthused. "I know it's kind of old school but it's really cute when you put your hair up and you let a few pieces come down. It's nice."

The former Disney star is also big on dry shampoo, which she calls "awesome" and an essential part of her kit.

Selena enjoys trying out new products too, but even though she has anything she could want at her fingertips, these days she doesn't take that for granted. When she was younger she didn't have access to that much, it was more about sharing things with her grandmother and mum. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing though, with the star explaining that using each other's products was one of the ways they bonded.

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