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Seth Rogen gained pounds for movie

Seth Rogen didn’t feel the need to compete with Zac Efron in their new film.

The actors appear together in comedy Bad Neighbors, with the former High School Musical star spending a lot of the film with no top on. But for Seth, 32, Zac’s rippling six pack didn’t make him feel self-conscious.

“I think I actually gained more pounds for this part,” Seth told Variety. “I knew the juxtaposition would be important and I think it played very well.”

The Canadian actor had a great time filming with the 26-year-old and found there was a lot to admire about him. As well as his comic timing, Seth commended Zac on his workout regime during the making of the movie.

“He would work out a lot on set. I wouldn’t hang out with him that much - I’m 30 years older than he is," Seth previously joked to "But I was amazed at how much he would do push-ups. If I was him I would not be doing push-ups, which is why he looks like he does and I look how I do."

Seth isn’t the only one to appreciate Zac’s physique. The heartthrob actor recently picked up an MTV Movie Award for Best Shirtless Performance for his role in That Awkward Moment and gave an abs-baring acceptance speech. Seth was so impressed by what he saw that a number of re-writes had to be carried out on the Bad Neighbors script.

“We had to keep writing into the scenes that I would touch his body, because I would look at it and just want to reach out and touch it, as though it was a mirage of some sort," he admitted during a recent appearance on a US talk show.

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