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Seth Rogen’s fake private parts

Seth Rogen says the use of a prosthetics team was very much needed on the set of new movie Bad Neighbours.

The Canadian funnyman is currently starring alongside Zac Efron in Bad Neighbours, a film about a family’s happy home life that is quickly disrupted by the frat boys who move in next door.

The flick is filled with sex, drinking and a shirtless Zac, who shows of his toned physique once again. Some of the scenes in the movie required the use of large private parts, with Seth giggling that there was a team of prosthetics experts on hand to help.

“There actually was [a prosthetics team],” Seth laughed to British magazine Heat when quizzed on the large male parts needed for the movie. “There were also a lot of prosthetic butts, although you only see a few of them in the movie. There was every prosthetic body part you can have.”

The raunchy movie had a lot of emphasis on sex, but 32-year-old Seth admits filming the more risqué scenes isn’t always that fun.

“It’s a little awkward [filming sex scenes]. The fact that it’s funny makes it a lot less weird. Sex scenes are generally always a little weird,” he mused.

As well as the more raunchy scenes, Seth and Zac were required to engage in a fight. Instead of choreographing a complicated duel, Seth says they played the fall out for laughs.

“No, there was no training involved. We just shot the fight scenes in such small chunks. We’re not trying to display the action, it’s more just about the jokes,” he explained.

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