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Sevigny: Celeb style is boring

Chloë Sevigny says there is a “lack of imagination” among Hollywood stars at glitzy events.

The actress-and-model is renowned for her quirky sense of style. She chooses her outfits herself rather than relying on a stylist and wishes other Hollywood stars were braver when dressing for glitzy events.

“I do feel there’s a lack of imagination when it comes to actresses and red carpet dressing. There’s all that fear. You can feel they’ve been styled,” she told British magazine Grazia. “I think they could be wilder if they got to dress themselves.”

The 38-year-old star has modelled for Miu Miu and Chloé and is gearing up for the launch of a new cashmere line for Uniqlo. Although Chloë knows what she wants to wear, she understands why many stars are too afraid to experiment with edgy looks.

“If I’m going to an event and there’s the red carpet thing, then whoever is helping me – usually my publicist because I don’t work with a stylist – we always say, ‘Is this a “What-was-she-thinking dress”?’ The worst part is that even when you’re standing on the red carpet, you can hear all those criticisms,” she said. “It makes the whole process of having to do those things not fun. I wish I could let it go and not worry about it, but I always feel like my head spins and I spiral to a bad place. But I’m trying to get over that.”

Chloë strives to live up to her reputation as a trendsetter. Even when she isn’t posing for the cameras, she tries to pay attention to her outfits.

“Before paparazzi entered the deal, I could just go out, but even then I didn’t want to disappoint kids who saw me, who might be like, ‘Why’s she looking so schlumpy?’ So if I’m photographed on the street going about my day, I still want to look semi-cool, and that’s kind of difficult, having to deal with that pressure,” she added.

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