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Sevigny slams sample sizes

Chloë Sevigny finds wardrobe fittings a bit of a struggle as she's always given clothes that are too small for her.

The American star is known for her savvy style and blonde flowing locks. While she rocks a svelte physique, actress Chloë often finds it a struggle when she is in wardrobe on set.

Currently starring in The Cosmopolitans, a show set in Paris, Chloë takes on the role of fashion editor Vicky and found her costumes were a bit on the small side.

"It was a bit of a struggle. For me, wardrobe is always a bit of a struggle. They pull samples and then I’m left trying to fit into sample size, which is always a head trip.

"Instead of going shopping and buying, like, size four or six, I’m trying to squeeze into a zero. And that happens on photoshoots as well and it’s really unfair," Chloë sighed to Lucky magazine.

Designers flocked to offer clothes for the stylish new series, but Chloë was still left slightly disappointed with the tiny sizes she had to wear.

"I can’t imagine if I were any heavier or a different shape how much more difficult it would be. So they had all these samples, from Chloé, Carven, McQueen and other brands that were very generous. But Whit [Stillman, writer/director] is very particular. So, in the end, he has the final decision.

"I wish I did, because I had some really cute outfits put together that were maybe too fashion-y for him," she added.

Filming in Paris was also an eye opener for the 39-year-old actress and left her with the feeling that Parisian women really are some of the most stylish in the world. Chloë is particularly a fan of how simple elegance is key in the French capital.

"I do believe in the mystique of the French woman. There’s a certain beauty, a type of nonchalance, about them.

"The women all do their own hair and make-up. In my mind, they look more chic. It’s not a lot of jewels and fancy gowns, it’s more simple and effortless," she gushed.

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