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Seyfried: I love dirty hair

Amanda Seyfried only washes her hair “once a week”.

The 27-year-old actress admitted she rarely shampoos her long blonde locks.

Amanda relies on dry shampoo instead of the traditional lathering kind, as it suits her thick mane better.

“I wash my hair once a week,” Amanda told InStyle. “I like how the texture gets when it hasn’t been washed. It also takes a while to dry because I’ve got a lot of it. I can’t live without Kevin Murphy’s dry shampoo. It only comes in a big bottle so when I’m taking hand luggage only on a flight I pray they don’t find the big aerosol can.”

Amana adopts the same low-maintenance approach to her beauty routine. She’ll give her face a proper scrub weekly, and uses only minimal make-up.

“I exfoliate my face once a week: I mix a table salt and whatever cleanser I happen to have in my bathroom to create a scrub,” she explained. “I don’t wear a lot of make-up – normally just concealer and mascara. I always carry my Clé de Peau Beauté concealer stick because I often get spots. Right now I’m wearing coconut oil on my legs. A friend of mine uses it as a moisturiser on her face so that’s where I got the idea. It’s messy but it really works.”

Amanda looks totally different on screen and says it's all down to a clever costume. The stunning star relied on hairpieces to totally alter her signature style in new movie Lovelace.

"It's crazy to become somebody completely different - I've never channelled anybody for a role before," she explained in an interview with previously.

"Costumes work wonders for people and with this more so than ever - I had brown contacts and wigs and had freckles drawn on. It didn't take long because I barely wore any make-up, but man, the wonders a wig can do. At first, it was strange seeing myself like that, but I love disappearing."

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