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Shailene Woodley: Acting isn't about fashion

Shailene Woodley didn't become an actress to wear designer dresses and "get points from the fashion police".

The star rose to fame in Oscar-nominated drama The Descendants, alongside George Clooney. Shailene was a constant presence at the prestigious industry award shows earlier this year and says the glamorous lifestyle is a far cry from what she's used to.

"The one thing that did get annoying was the constant use of make-up and fancy dresses," she told the latest edition of ASOS magazine.

"It's turned from this world of cinema to, 'You're not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not best-dressed enough.' But I didn't do The Descendants to wear a designer's dress and a lot of make-up and get points from the fashion police."

Shailene prefers comfort and practicality when she's not in front of a camera lens. The 20-year-old star likes to throw on no-nonsense attire that she can pick up for bargain prices.

"My style consists of sweats, sweats and sweats," she smiled. "Big baggy jeans - specifically jeans that you find in thrift stores that are obviously not made for women - those are the best because they're super-comfy. And I love baggy sweaters, too."

Shailene does admire the style of fashion icons around her though. However, the pretty brunette would never emulate their wardrobe choices, as she thinks they wouldn't suit her.

"Emma Watson kills it on the red carpet. But she wears things that I could never - or ever want to - wear, so I think that's why I admire her so much," she gushed.

"I think [Disney character] Pocahontas always looked amazing, because she wore a tasteful amount of nakedness on her, and it was great and looked just so comfortable. I would love to walk around the way she walked around."

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