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Shailene Woodley: Drink bone broth!

Shailene Woodley has spoken about her latest health kick.

The 23-year-old Insurgent actress’ lifestyle reflects her passion for all things natural.

When asked about her latest health kick, Shailene noted skeletal matter is doing her a world of good.

“Bone broth. I am telling you, it is the sh*t. It is everything,” she gushed to MTV News during a joint interview with her Insurgent co-stars, Ansel Elgort and Jai Courtney.

Shailene’s colleagues noted she has had a deep influence on what they consume.

Ansel, who plays her brother in the feature, has altered his diet as a result of her advice.

“Shailene says that I should stop eating four different types of meat in one meal,” he noted. “That’s a very reasonable tip, so I have a salad once a day, if I can.”

In a previous interview with Natural Health magazine, Shailene spoke of her fondness of foraging for food.

The star finds this type of connection with her surroundings deeply inspirational.

“When I started researching agriculture in America, I thought, People say meat’s bad for me, but so are vegetables because of pesticides, but I can’t afford organic. Ahhhh! So I decided to research what Native American cultures ate in Southern California, as well as other indigenous cultures from around the world,” she explained to the publication. “I found that not only were they hunter-gatherers, they were also healers who relied on the plants around them. I thought that was really profound, so I started learning about all the wild plants in my area, as well as all of the wild medicines that I could gather and create for myself. I was in control of my body, and I could feel what was happening. It was eye-opening.”

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