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Sharon Stone: I learned to love looks

Sharon Stone is relieved she's landing less glamorous roles as she ages.

The 55-year-old actress plays an older mother in her latest movie Lovelace which co-stars Amanda Seyfried.

The Basic Instinct star says it's a relief to be cast as a less glamorous character these days.

"When I accept a part in a movie I don't accept it because the character wears nice clothes. I accept it because it's an interesting and complex character," Sharon told Hello! "It took a lot of discipline for me to learn to be beautiful in movies, and these days I'm quite happy to do without it."

Sharon has been praised for her youthful appearance. She says honesty is the secret to ageing gracefully in the public eye.

"I have never been a person who lies about their age," she explained. "I've always thought ageing is something we should grow into, not try to fight."

The mother-of-three says focusing on her health has ensured her figure has stayed in check over the years. Sharon is always on the move, and likes to have fun with her workouts to keep her interested.

"I do a lot of exercise because I enjoy it. I go to the gym, which is how I clear my mind when life gets too overwhelming. I dance a lot - when I'm in a hotel room I push back the furniture, to clear a big space, put some music on and dance and dance and dance," she added.

"Plus, I have three growing boys to run after, which keeps you fit."

The blonde recently told UK newspaper the Daily Mirror that she's always felt like a fraud with her attractiveness.

She confessed she relies on the help of a hair and make-up team to look good.

“People thought I was a sex symbol which to me is the most hilarious thing of all time,” she commented. “You should see me in the morning. It’s really not that hot, honestly.”

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