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Sharon Stone: Laughter lines are sexy

Sharon Stone says men "love a line" near your eyes or mouth.

The actress believes being sexy is not exclusive to younger generations and that most men find life experience attractive.

At the age of 54, the Hollywood star knows how to seduce someone with her personality and warmth.

"Sex and sexuality is not about whether your elbows or knees are wrinkled. A man turns to you and says: 'I love the way you laugh.' That's what's turning him. They love a line around your eye or your mouth, because it tells them you've laughed and you're going to laugh and be forgiving and embracing," she told British magazine OK! "Men want to know that you're going to be forgiving and embracing. Believe me when I tell you a 20-year-old is not going to do that."

Sharon doesn't notice the ageing process because younger men are romancing her.

The Basic Instinct star looks better than ever because of the attention she gets from 20-somethings.

"Do I look great or am I in denial because I'm just pretending that it isn't what it is - I'm getting older? But I think because a bunch of 25-year-olds are asking me on dates, I do look better," she laughed.

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