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Shirley Manson dyes hair candy pink for self-exploration

The Garbage star loves her new hot pink look - and it looks like it may be staying for a while.

Musician Shirley Manson dyed her hair hot candy pink in a bid to discover parts of herself she didn't know existed.

The Garbage singer, who turns 50 next month (Aug16), let go of her signature red locks recently in favour of adopting the bright neon look, and she could care less about critics who say she is too old to experiment with bold colours.

"Sometimes I look in the mirror, feel my shoulders slump, and am disappointed with what I see," she explains in the August (16) issue of America's Elle magazine. "And I have imaginary voices about what people might say about me having pink hair at 50. But I'm at that point where I don't give a f**k if you think it's appropriate or not. Go f**k yourself and be boring! I want to be free to explore the person I want to be."

Manson's luminous hairdo is probably her favourite coiffure of all time, even though she took the plunge to go pink on a whim.

"I don't know what propelled me," she recalls. "I woke up one day and thought, 'I cannot stay red-haired for one second longer!'

"My hairdresser didn't want to do it. But I needed a break from myself. When she pulled the towel from my head and I saw my pink hair, I burst into this huge grin and gasped: 'I look amazing!' And I've never said that about myself in my entire life."

But even though she's up for changing her hairstyle in dramatic ways, the star does not share the same attitude when it comes to the clothes she wears.

"(I wear clothes that are) simple and I can move in," she notes. "I've always wanted to be more dominant than what I was wearing. I hate being constricted by clothing. F**k that. Life's too short. My comfort's more important."

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