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Sienna Miller proud of hippy style

Sienna Miller believes her dress sense comes from having a bohemian personality.

The actress first earned her trendsetter status when she stepped out as Jude Law's girlfriend in 2004 wearing vintage sweaters and floaty boho dresses.

Now she's a mother-of-one, the 31-year-old star doesn't consciously try and dress in a bohemian fashion.

"I suppose I am inherently bohemian in terms of the way I am as a person, and I definitely went through a hippy phase with my style. But I think it's more about the way my personality is than the way I dress," Sienna explained to UK magazine Look. "Now I'm a bit older, I do appreciate tailoring more than I used to, but my personality is still very laid back. Even when I put on a suit I still look like a hippy."

Sienna says style is a reflection of who you are at a certain point in your life.

She named her mother as being one source of her fashion inspiration and recalled her memories of how she used to dress.

"I think personal style is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing what suits you and wearing clothes that are a clear reflection of who you are," Sienna continued.

"My mum was very glamorous in a shimmery, '80s sort of way. She had endless dinner parties. It was inspiring to grow up around creative people."

Sienna gave birth to her first child, a daughter called Marlowe, in July last year. Earlier this year she told French newspaper Le Figaro that as a new mother, she doesn't have much time for fashion.

"I don't know what the new fashion trends are! My life is very different - I've got a baby who leaves me only two hours of peace each night," she told the publication.

The actress is engaged to Marlowe's father Tom Sturridge.

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